Best LED Spotlight: Buying Guide 2022

LED spotlights are one of the best tools for any outdoor adventure. But there are hundreds of brands out there, producing thousands of spotlight models, and hundreds of thousands of merchants selling the spotlights. So, it can easily be a difficult task to choose the best LED spotlight.

LED spotlights have a few distinct advantages over the other types. They are long-lasting, energy-efficient, do not produce heat, and are also more versatile. While other bulb types have a few advantages, LED is by far the best option and is taking over the market pretty rapidly. So, if are planning on getting a new spotlight, an LED spotlight will be your wisest bet. Thus, we put together some of the best LED spotlight that you definitely need.

But first, I want to have a few words about what LED spotlights are and why they are better than other light types. And in addition, we included a short and fast-reading buying guide so that instead of simply following a pre-made list, how you can choose the best LED spotlight for yourself. For a thorough and detailed buying guide, you can read our complete and comprehensive buying guide.

What is an LED spotlight?

There are several different LED spotlight types, all with unique features. Let’s take a look at each one.

Narrow beam LED spotlight

Typically known as searchlights, a narrow spotlight is just what it sounds like, a light that produces a very tight or narrow beam of light. The light doesn’t spread much and thus they don’t light up the surrounding, or even the surrounding of the object. The light beam of a narrow beam spotlight typically stays below 30-degree.

By limiting the spread, this type of light can create an exceptional level of brightness on the target object as well as gain extra range.

The best usage of a narrow beam spotlight is when you want to light up something specific and don’t care about the surrounding, like a statue, an artwork, a decoration tree, architectural details, etc.

Wide beam LED spotlight

A wide spotlight produces a wider beam but the beam is still more focused than the beam of a flashlight. This type of light covers the surrounding of the object it is shone on, but it is not very good at illuminating the immediate vicinity. The spread of a wide beam spotlight ranges between 30-degree and 60-degree.

Since a portion of the lights gets spread outwards from the center, the effective range of these lights is lower than the narrow beam spotlight but is still far greater than an average flashlight. And they still light up the focused object very effectively.

A wide beam spotlight can cover more ground than narrow spotlights and is often used outdoors where lighting an entire area is necessary. For example, hunting, fishing, hiking, driving, etc.

Work lights

A work light is another commonly used type of LED spotlight. These lights are often attached to a structure or pole, like a garage or deck, and used for various jobs around the house. Some brands of these lights use rechargeable batteries instead of electricity, which allows you to take them with you on the go.

Work lights usually come with additional features that specialize them on certain tasks and allow more versatility than a regular spotlight. Some of the additional features include focusability (to switch between narrow and wide beams), tripod support, shoulder strap, Easily switchable filters, night vision protection, etc.

A regular spotlight may or may not have one or more of these features, but they don’t have to.

Best LED Spotlight:

Following are our top picks for the best available LED spotlights in the market.

ANLOOK12,800 mAh10,000 lumensUp to 36 hours

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Brightest SpotlightIMALENT32,000mAh100,000 LumensUp to 15 hours

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STANLEYLithium-Ion2,200 lumensUp to 10 hours

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GEPROSMA10,000 mAh6,000 lumensUp to 30 hours

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Brinkmann12 Volts Corded1,200 lumensUp to 20 hours

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Streamlight-44910-SpotlightSTREAMLIGHT1x Alkaline C Battery1,000 lumensUp to 87 hours

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YIERBLUE10,000mAh2,000 lumensUp to 20 hours

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Mo.tools10,000mAh6,000 lumensUp to 24 hours

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ENERGIZER SpotlightEnergizerN/A600 LumensUp to 9 hours

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12,800 mAh32,000mAh10,000mAh
10,000 lumens100,000 Lumens6,000 lumen
Up to 36 hoursUp to 15 hoursUp to 24 hours

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1. ANLOOK Rechargeable Spotlight


Photo: amazon

The ANLOOK rechargeable spotlight is an excellent tool to have on hand when you need a powerful flashlight. This flashlight is equipped with 60 watts 10000 lumens THX-1 lamp beads that can reach up to 4000 feet in distance. 

The service life of the lamp beads is an impressive 100,000 hours. You can also detach the green, yellow, and red filter lens to use the flashlight for different purposes. It is a great flashlight to use for camping, fishing, and boating.

It is a flashlight that can be used as a regular flashlight or a sidelight. The sidelight has 32 LED lamp beads and is 1 inch in diameter. LEDs can be used for work, reading, or camping. 

ANLOOK Rechargeable Spotlight has three functions: a regular flashlight, a sidelight, and a warning light. It also has a strobe light function for emergencies.

ANLOOK Rechargeable Spotlight has three functions: a regular flashlight, a sidelight, and a warning light. It also has a strobe light function for perfect for outdoor activities. It is made of sturdy and lightweight aviation aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, making it shockproof and explosion-proof. The ergonomic gun handle makes it super tight, and the IPX4 waterproof rating ensures that it is used in any weather condition.

Its large capacity rechargeable battery ensures that you have plenty of light for up to 15 hours. The back-end LED power display is convenient for you to have sufficient power before use. 


Brightness:10,000 lumens
Range:4,000 feet
Maximum Runtime:Up to 36 hours
IP rating:IPX4
ANLOOK LED Spotlight Specifications


  • Large capacity rechargeable battery
  • Accessories and 360-day warranty
  • Multi-function side soft light
  • lightweight aviation aluminum alloy


  • The headband feels flimsy.
  • The beam pattern is not very tight.



Photo: amazon

The IMALENT MS18 Brightest Flashlight is the brightest flashlight you can find on the market. With 100,000 lumens of light, this flashlight will allow you to see everything in front of you, no matter how dark it is.

The flashlight also uses 18 Cree XHP70.2 LEDs, which provide incredibly bright light. Additionally, the flashlight has a long throw of up to 1350 meters, so you can see even the most distant objects.

It is a versatile flashlight that emits a powerful beam of light. This flashlight is perfect for exploring, caving, or camping.

It is the brightest flashlight you will ever own. It features five brightness levels, plus a strobe mode, making it perfect for any situation.

This flashlight is rechargeable, made of high-performance aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable, designed to be virtually indestructible.

The first flashlight with a heat pipe cooling system ensures high performance and longer runtime on high output. IMALENT flashlight is your reliable partner in the darkness.


Brightness:100,000 Lumens
Range:4,429 feet
Maximum Runtime:Up to 15 hours 
IP rating:IP56
IMALENT MS18 Spotlight Specifications


  • Ultra Super Bright
  • OLED Display
  • Tough & SMART Design
  • Ultra-wide beam


  • Very heavy flashlight, weighing at 2.8 pounds.
  • Very expensive 
  • Not a tactical flashlight


Photo: amazon

STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS rechargeable LED spotlight flashlight provides up to 2200 lumens of brightness with a runtime of 3 hours on high mode, and a USB power charger is included for convenient charging.

This flashlight is easy to use and fits comfortably in your hand with an ergonomic design. It also has durable housing and an LED indicator that shows the battery level.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures that you’ll always have power when you need it. The USB power charger means that you can easily recharge the battery no matter where you are.

The SL10LEDS is tough and weather-resistant, making it a great choice for use in any condition. The light is incredibly bright, making it perfect for use when searching for something in the dark or when working in a dimly lit room.

This Stanley Fatmax spotlight is also perfect for those who need a powerful light source. The spotlight includes AC and DC charging adaptors, allowing you to recharge at home or inside a vehicle.

The three-mode trigger has a high, low, and setting, and the rugged pistol-grip handle offers a convenient and comfortable grip. The locking, pivoting stand, and trigger lock provide hands-free operation. It includes a limited one-year manufacturer warranty.


Brightness:2,200 lumens
Maximum Runtime:Up to 10h
IP rating:N/A


  • Ultra-bright LED
  • Weather-resistant
  • Incredibly bright


  • Bit heavy to carry around.
  • The light has no low mode.
  • Slightly expensive.

4. GEPROSMA Super Bright Spotlight

Photo: amazon

The GEPROSMA Super Bright handheld spotlight is a must-have for anyone looking for an extremely bright and powerful light source. It is the perfect handheld spotlight for any outdoor activity.

With 6000 lumens of power, it is the brightest handheld flashlight on the market. It also features a large battery that lasts up to 10 hours. Plus, it recharges quickly with the included USB cord.

It has three functional adaptive settings: strong, low, and strobe. The strobe setting is great for getting attention. And the strong setting is perfect for illuminating a large area.

It is a small, versatile, and very bright light. It is perfect for camping, backpacking, fishing, sailing, hunting, searchlight, emergencies, and other outdoor activities. Additionally, the Super Bright spotlight is made from durable materials that withstand extreme conditions.

It is made with aircraft-grade aluminum and has a waterproof rating of IPX6. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. And it can be attached to a key ring, backpack, or belt.


Battery:10,000 mAh
Brightness:6,000 lumens
Range:2,600 feet
Maximum Runtime:Up to 30h
IP rating:IPX6
GEPROSMA Handheld Spotlight Specifications


  • Durable Quality
  • External Floodlight
  • Waterproof design
  • Large Battery Capacity


  • Bulky, Heavy and Uncomfortable

5. Brinkmann Qbeam Spotlight


Photo: amazon

The Qbeam Max Million III 3 is the perfect spotlight for professional and personal use. With a powerful 1200 lumen output, this spotlight is perfect for lighting up large areas.

The Halogen bulb provides maximum brightness and clarity, perfect for use outdoors or indoors. The Qbeam Max Million III 3 is also portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

The Max Million III features a durable, high-impact casing and a comfortable pistol grip handle. Additionally, it features a convenient 3-point mounting system that makes it easy to install in any location.

Ideal for use: It is perfect for automotive use and emergency and boating purposes. As well as marine use, the Qbeam Max Million III 3 is tough and reliable, making it perfect for any situation.

The spotlight is made with a robust aluminum housing resistant to water and corrosion. It also has an offroad focus, making it perfect for use in difficult environments.

The casing on this spotlight is made from tough ABS plastic, durable and long-lasting. The 8-foot coil cord provides optimum power to the light, making it perfect for illuminating large areas.


Battery:‎12 Volts Corded
Brightness:1,200 lumens
Maximum Runtime:Up to 20h
IP rating:IP67
Brinkmann Qbeam Spotlight Specifications


  • Lightweight 
  • Waterproof design
  • Three high-intensity LEDs
  • Long battery life
  • Improve home’s security


  • It is heavy, almost 2.5 pounds.
  • No instant-on and not dimmable.
  • Input voltage is 5V.

6. Streamlight 44910 Waypoint


Photo: amazon

This Streamlight 44910 Waypoint 1000-Lumens Spotlight with 120-Volt AC Charger, Yellow, is a great addition to your toolbox. This spotlight is perfect for emergencies, roadside assistance, and more.

The bright 1000-lumens beam will help you see what you’re working on, and the 120-volt AC charger will keep you powered up.

The light is also water-resistant and yellow, making it easy to see in the dark. It is designed for professionals who need bright light to see what is ahead of them. The Waypoint Spotlight is tough and waterproof, ideal for outdoor use.

Streamlight 44910 Waypoint is a pistol-grip spotlight with three modes: High, Medium, and low. It features C4 LED illumination output and runtime.

The High mode has 1,000 lumens and 115,000-candela peak beam intensity with a 678-meter beam distance, and it runs for 3 hours.

The Medium mode has 550 lumens and 60,000-candela peak beam intensity with a 490-meter beam distance, and it runs for 6 hours.

The low mode has a beam distance of 200 meters and runs for 80 hours. The deep-dish reflector creates a long-range targeting beam with optimum peripheral illumination.


Battery:1x Alkaline C battery
Brightness:Up to 1000 Lumens
Range:Up to 2230 feet
Runtime:Up to 87 hours
IP rating:IPX8
Streamlight 44910 specifications


  • Rechargeable battery
  • High-quality material use
  • 4 brightness levels (low/medium/high/strobe) allow you to adjust the light to your needs


  • Not as bright as some other models.
  • No strap for carrying or hanging the light on a pack.

7. YIERBLUE Rechargeable Spotlight

YIERBLUE Rechargeable Spotlight

Photo: amazon

The YIERBLUE Rechargeable Spotlight is perfect for use in emergencies, searching for things in the dark, or simply providing bright light when you need it. With a powerful 2000 lumen LED, this flashlight is sure to light up any dark area.

Additionally, iIP67 can use IP67 waterproof rating in wet or humid conditions without fear of damage. And with a 10000mAh battery, it can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

The YIERBLUE Rechargeable LED Spotlight is perfect for use around the house. It also has three different settings, so you can customize the light to your needs. The integrated circuit and intelligent illumination driver ensure that the light is consistent every time you use it.

This handheld spotlight comes with three built-in rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion batteries and can provide up to 20 hours of lighting time. The YIERBLUE Spotlight is also perfect for camping, hiking, or any other activity that requires a reliable light source.


Brightness:2,000 lumens
Range:Up to 1,600 feet
Maximum Runtime:Up to 20h
IP rating:IP67
Yierblue handheld spotlight specifications


  • Long-lasting power-up to 20 hours
  • IP67 waterproof
  • A revolution about charging
  • Portable


  • Only water resistant, not waterproof.
  • It does not have a charger indicator so you need to check the battery life yourself before using it.

8. Rechargeable Spotlight

Photo: amazon Rechargeable spotlight is perfect for use in a variety of situations. Whether you need a powerful light for an outdoor activity or are looking for an emergency light source, this spotlight is perfect for you.

This spotlight is made with 6000 lumens LED, making it super bright. It’s also rechargeable, so you can use it time and time again. It also comes with a fold-up tripod and a storage bag, making it easy to transport and store.

This high-powered flashlight is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable light source. It features five different light modes and can be recharged using the included USB cable. Plus, the tough anodized aluminum body is impact-resistant and water-resistant.

It has three features that adapt to any environment: a spotlight for long-distance viewing, a lantern for wide-area illumination, and a flashlight for precision work. This powerful tool is always ready to help you get the job done with its rechargeable battery.


Brightness:6,000 lumens
Range:2,600 feet
Maximum Runtime:Up to 24h
IP rating:N/A Rechargeable Spotlight Specifications


  • Super Durable and Waterproof 
  • Strong Rechargeable Battery Life


  • Power button is easy to accidentally press when carrying it
  • The lamp life is not so long

9. Energizer LED Spotlight

Best spotlight for deer

Photo: amazon

The Energizer LED Spotlight is a high-quality flashlight perfect for any activity. It is made with an IPX4 water-resistant design to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. 

The super bright LED spotlight also creates a powerful beam distance that can light up even the darkest areas. And it’s impact-resistant and heavy-duty durable so that it can withstand any kind of accidental drop or collision.

The Energizer LED Spotlight is an excellent tool for work and DIY projects. It is lightweight, compact, and powerful. A USB cable comes included for easy charging.

This LED spotlight is perfect for when you need bright light. The folding light stand makes it easy to use, even when your hands are busy.

This spotlight is perfect for use when camping, hiking, or finding your way around the dark.

  The high-powered LED emits 600 lumens in high mode, reaching 1017 feet. The light is rechargeable, so you never have to worry about running out of juice.


Battery:Not Found
Brightness:Up to 600 Lumens
Range:Up to 1017 feet
Runtime:Up to 9 hours
IP rating:IPX4 and 3 feet drop resistant
ENERGIZER Rechargeable spotlight specifications


  • 360 degrees swivel hook, easy to use.
  • Built-in 3 x AAA batteries, long time lighting up.
  • Long lifespan, more than 50,000 hours of using life with proper using methods.


  • The spotlight does not give a wide beam.
  • Needs two D batteries, which are not included in the package.

What makes an LED spotlight so great?

LED spotlights offer several advantages over other types of lights. Although, they are pricier. Thus they have a higher initial cost. But the advantages surpass the drawbacks. Some of the advantages of a LED spotlight include-

  • They are much more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs and can last up to 50,000-100,000 hours. Thus, they won’t need to be replaced nearly as often as traditional lighting sources.
  • They don’t produce heat. Thus, they are more energy-efficient than other bulb types.
  • They are also energy-efficient in producing light. An LED bulb can produce more lumens using less energy than other alternatives.
  • Many models provide dimming options and warm or cool white light. Thus, it allows for a customizable experience no matter the application.

You can read this article to learn more about why LED bulbs are better than other bulbs.

How to choose the best LED spotlights for your needs?

When choosing the best-LED spotlight for your needs, there are several things you need to consider: brightness, spread, run time, water resistance, size, etc.


Brightness is usually measured in lumens. The more, the merrier. But also costlier. So, before purchasing, you should consider how much brightness you actually need. And get a spotlight slightly more bright than that.

For household/indoor usage, you won’t need a very powerful light. Generally, under 300 lumens suffice. But that won’t cut it for security lights or outdoor lighting. For camping, hiking, and general-purpose usage, you will need a brighter light, between 300 and 2000 lumens. And for extreme purposes, like boating, fishing, kayaking, and driving, you’ll need no less than 3000 lumens.


You should consider the spread of a spotlight before settling down with one. Some tasks require a very narrow beam and a super bright center, like object lighting, but the same light will be redundant on other tasks such as at a campsite. A light with a larger spread will be perfect at a campsite, but be useless for boat adventures on foggy nights.

So, by considering the type of light you’ll most likely need, you can make the most out of your bucks.

Run time

The run time of a spotlight is one of the major factors to consider. Having a greater run time is undoubtedly useful but a spotlight with a longer run time is also naturally larger and heavier, you know, for the larger battery.

So choose a spotlight with a consecutive run time of 12 hours or longer only if you are planning for an overnight adventure such as camping, hunting, or boating. Otherwise, a moderate run time will be more than enough, since you can charge it any time.


If you are planning on using your spotlight in the rainy season, or for water-related activities such as fishing, boating, kayaking, etc., then definitely get a spotlight with IPX7 or greater rating.

An IPX4 spotlight can survive moderate rainfall but will get damaged in standing water. A spotlight with IPX7 can survive up to 30 minutes of being submerged. So, do pay attention to it.


Size is a relatively less important parameter to consider, but a larger light is more difficult to pack as well as carry. At the same time, a larger light is likely to provide more brightness and run time.

So, if you can afford to pack and carry it, a larger spotlight with greater specifications will generally be better.

Frequently asked questions about LED spotlights

LED lights are a relatively new technology and it’s only recently that they became so popular. So, naturally, there are lots of confusion and myths surrounding LED spotlights. So to clear some confusion, we addressed some of the common occurring questions about LED spotlights. If you have more questions that you’d like to find answers to, feel free to reach out to us in the comment sections.

What is the best LED spotlight?

Streamlight Waypoint 44910. According to our research, we found Streamlight 44910 to be the best combination of brightness, runtime, and battery capacity. It’s also small, lightweight, and the most reliable.

What is the brightest LED spotlight?

Imalent MS18 is the brightest LED spotlight available in the market. It generates 100,000 lumens and runs on a rechargeable battery pack. As of now, the closest competition to it is slightly more than half of its brightness.

How many lumens is good for a LED spotlight?

For indoor and regular household use, up to 300 lumens will be good enough. Husbandry, security, hiking, and campsite, for these activities, up to 2,000 lumens is recommended. And for more demanding work, such as driving, boating, off-shore fishing, mountain climbing, or touring in a foggy environment, the more lumens, the better. Suggested power is around 5,000 lumens or more.

Is LED spotlight dimmable?

Yes, LED light beads are dimmable, thus LED spotlights are also dimmable. Most LED spotlights have the feature of switching between different light modes. That’s essentially dimming the light.

Because even on the low mode, all the led beads turn on, but all of them turn on at a lower brightness. And some LED spotlights even have variable adjustable brightness settings.


We’ve reached the end of our discussion. And from this, it’s easy to understand why LED spotlights are better than other spotlight types. They last longer, generate less heat, are more energy-efficient, and have a bunch more advantages. LEDs might be new to the market, but they surely are the future, and it’s bright (Pun intended).

We’ve presented some of the best handheld LED spotlights and we hope you found the light you were looking for. If you’re still confused and don’t know which one to pick, we recommend getting the Streamlight waypoint 44910. It’s the jack of all trades. So, with this spotlight, you might not get the best of any specific aspect, but you can never go wrong either.

Now go ahead and get the spotlight that suits your need the best, and go have a great expedition. And when you’re back, let us know how it went! Be safe and have fun!

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