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Best Solar Spotlight for Outdoor Lighting in 2022

Amp up the vibe of your garden with the best solar spotlight. And the best part is, they are automatic. So you won’t have to flick the switches every morning and evening.

Spotlights are excellent at lighting up the garden, lawn, backyard, pavement, pool, and whatnot. But managing the wires is never easy, and remembering to turn the lights on or off is never fun. So, why bother? Why not install a set of automated garden lights that charge on their own during days, and know when it is dark and when to turn on?

Following is a list of the best solar spotlights that we think will make your yard much more exciting and enjoyable at night without you having to do anything. And, of course, it’s a one-time installation.

Best overall solar spotlight:

Most convenient solar spotlight:

Separate Solar panel:

ProductRuntimeBrightestIP RatingPrice
URPOWER6-10 hours200 lumensIP64

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LEREKAM6-25 hours1000 lumensIP65

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CONSCIOT6 – 12 hours650 lumensIP67

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CLAONER6-24 hours600 lumenIP65

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APONUO8-12 hours150 lumenIP65

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HEX 30X6-8 hours120 lumenIP65

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Best OverallBest for LightBest for Runtime
6-10 hours6-25 hours8-12 hours
200 lumens1000 lumens150 lumen
Adjustable Solar PanelUniBody Solar PanelSeparable Solar Panel

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This article presents 6 of our top picks for the best solar spotlights/solar garden lights, along with their pros and cons and why we think they are the best.

How to choose the best solar spotlight?

Before getting into the list of the products, please take a minute and ask yourself some questions. Because answering these questions will guide you to the best garden light for you. We believe every situation is unique, and no online guide can cover everything, thus be better than yourself.

  1. What size is the thing that I want to light up?
  2. Does it have clear sky access?
  3. Does it have obstacles to block the light?
  4. What is the purpose of lighting?
  5. Where shall I put them? Will they be secure there?

It’s best to inquire as much as possible before purchasing rather than afterward. The answers to these questions will help you decide on things link, Brightness level, color and warmth of the light, built-in solar panel or separate solar panel, The Size and Capacity of the solar panel and Battery, USB/Cable adaptability, etc.

If you still have questions or want a more explicit guideline, we have a comprehensive Buyer’s guide with detailed explanations to ease the process of decision-making for you.


Top 6 best solar spotlight:

We mostly tried to stick to wireless lights because they are super easy to install, setup, and maintain. And, if you have clear sky access right above where you want to place them, wireless lights are the smart choice.

But if you don’t have clear sky access, then this type of light could be a problem. Frankly speaking, they won’t work. So with that in mind, we put two wired solar spotlights at the end of the list with solar panels completely separate from the light.

Even if you have clear sky access, having the solar panel separate could still be convenient for capturing the most light and having the best light angle at the same time. The choice is up to you.

1. URPOWER Solar spotlight:

Best Solar Spotlight

Photo: amazon

The URPOWER solar spotlight is our first mention because it is bright, durable, reliable, and highly adaptable.

URPOWER spotlight is sold in a pair of two, each with 4 LEDs in them. Each light can produce about 200 lumens in the high light setting. Plus the built-in 2200mAh battery can keep the light on for 6 hours on the high light setting and 10 hours on the low mode.

The light head can be adjusted for up to a 90-degree pitch angle for the best lighting. In addition, the solar panel has a 180-degree vertical adjustment angle for optimum exposure to direct sunlight throughout the seasons. Together, this allows you to adjust the solar panel angle without touching the light’s position and lighting angle.

It takes 4-5 hours to charge the battery on solar with proper exposure.

You can choose between warm white, cool white, and colored lights of your choice for the ambient you want.

It comes with a stake for each light, enabling you to plant them in soil or gravel. But you can also mount them on walls/pillars for overhead lighting. Just make sure that the solar panel gets at least 6 hours of exposure to direct sunlight daily.


Brightness 200 lumens max
Battery capacity 2200mAh
Runtime on battery 6-10 hours
Time to fully charge 4-5 hours (on max exposure)
IP rating IP64 (snow, rain, and dust resistant)
USB/Cable Not supported


  • Fully automated On/Off based on the light level
  • Individually adjustable light head and solar panel
  • Relatively short charging time
  • Snow, rain, and temperature resistant
  • Minimal profile


  • Neither the solar panel nor the light-head has horizontal angle adjustment
  • The light must have clear sky access directly above it

2. LEREKAM C2 solar spotlight:

In built solar panel spotlight

Photo: amazon

LEREKAM solar spotlight is a compact unibody solar spotlight with top-notch specifications. And it could easily be our number one choice but we can’t have two number ones, can we?

This spotlight is a powerful garden light with a maximum output of 1000 lumens and runtime of 8, 15, and 25 hours on high, medium, and low modes. And the light panel has a staggering 40 LEDs that produce a uniform, well-scattered, soothing light without generating sharp shadows.

The light has a light sensor automatically turning it on and off based on the light level. Although, it doesn’t have a motion sensor.

The relatively large solar panel helps the 2000mAh battery to charge fast.

One of the sweetest aspects of the light is its swivel head. You can rotate it full 360-degree horizontally and 120-degree vertically for the best lighting angle. Honestly, this light offers the most flexibility you can expect from a garden light.

However, with the solar panel built on the top of the light, the compact design can make it tricky to face the solar panel towards the sun and have the best lighting angle. Although, mounting it to a wall or lamp post solves the problem.

And this light has a unique trait. The LEREKAM spotlight is one of few that supports USB charging. So, if it’s cloudy or snowy for a few days and batteries run out, you can plug them in for a quick boost.

The combination of high light output, battery, and run time means you can easily pull it up and use as a conventional spotlight or bring it with you for a picnic, camping, or other stuff.

Brightness 1000 lumens
Battery capacity 2000mAh
Runtime on battery 6-15-25 hours on low, medium, and high
Time to fully charge 6-8 hours in winter, less in summer
IP rating IP65
USB/Cable USB support


  • High light output
  • Highly adjustable free-swivel head
  • Extremely long runtime on dim mode
  • USB charging supported
  • Excellent dust and water resistance rating


  • It can be tricky to get both perfect charging angle and lighting angle
  • Must have clear sky access directly above it

3. Consciot Solar spotlight:

Fixed solar panel spotlight

Photo: amazon

The Consciot solar spotlight is another excellent choice to light up your yard and garden. Besides the competitive specification, the binocular shape is compact and cute.

The spotlight sits between narrow and broad beam lights, providing the benefit of both worlds. The 90-degree beam has a decent spread for pathways and yards and has enough focus to be viable as a wall-mounted automated security light. Plus, the light can produce 650 lumens on the high setting.

It hosts a 2200mAh battery with 6 hours runtime on high mode and 12 hours on low. And, it takes an average of 5-6 hours to fully charge. But may take longer based on the angle you set the light at.

Plus, the head has a higher adjustment angle than most other competitions. The light can be adjusted for up to 90-degree vertically and 180-degree horizontally.

Brightness 650 lumens
Battery capacity 2200mAh
Runtime on battery 6 – 12 hours
Time to fully charge 6+ hours
IP rating IP67
USB/Cable Not supported


  • Bright lighting on the high setting
  • Highly adjustable light head
  • Excellent water and dust resistance rating
  • Larger than the average solar panel
  • Compact and minimal profile


  • Optimizing both light angle and solar panel can be tricky
  • No USB support for emergency charging

4. Claoner Solar Spot Lights:

IP rating solar spotlight

Photo: amazon

The Claoner solar spotlight is another unibody solar spotlight with competitive specifications.

The front-facing 32 LEDs combined can generate 600 lumens on high mode with a run time of 6 hours. Plus, the medium and low modes have a run time of 12 hours and 24 hours, respectively.

It has a 150-degree spread, perfect for ambient lighting, ornament or sign lighting, or poolside lamp.

The light head is also highly adjustable. The light head can be turned 180-degree horizontally and 90-degree vertically, making angle adjustments easier than many other garden lamps.

The product is excellent at resisting both very high and low temperatures. Plus, it is rated IP65. Hence, It is a perfect year-round usable light, all things considered.

The downside is that it has the same issue as all other unibody solar spotlights like LEREKAM, but unlike LEREKAM, it doesn’t support USB charging.

Brightness 600 lumen
Battery capacity
Runtime on battery 6–12–24 hours on high, medium, and low
Time to fully charge  6-8 hours in winter. Lower in summer
IP rating IP65
USB/Cable Not supported


  • Appreciable battery backup
  • Remarkable light spread for a wider area
  • Large array of LEDs
  • Decent adjustment angle
  • Relatively high lumen output


  • USB charging not supported
  • Excellent against dust, but comparatively weak against water

5. APONUO Solar Landscape light:

2W solar power spotlight

Photo: amazon

The solar spotlight by APONUO is one of two wired spotlights on our list. By capturing the most amount of light on the solar panel and having the best lighting angle, it covers the best of both worlds. all the while, without paying any extra electric bills for garden lighting.

The small-sized miniature-stage-light looking Aponuo spotlight has a very charming look when placed on the ground and especially when lit up after dark. However, my personal favorite is the warm white light set on the lawn. There’s something magical about it. It just sets the mood.

The light is excellent for its solar panel and battery. And the 6V/5W solar panel is more powerful than most other spotlights on this list. Plus the 150 lumens light fixtures produce a smooth and soothing accent of light.

It is remarkable, both functional and aesthetically.

The solar panel and each of the lights is connected with 16.5 feet cables, and if you want more coverage, you can purchase extension cords separately.

Besides the aforementioned warm white, variants with bright white and RGB are also available. Also, you can add as many extension cables as you’d like. All in all, the cable does not really limit you; it’s just a little extra expanse.

Brightness 150 lumen
Battery capacity 4,000mAh
Runtime on battery 8-12 hours on high and low mode
Time to fully charge 4-5 in summer, 6-8 in winter
IP rating IP65
USB/Cable Corded (16.5 + 16.5) feet


  • Light fixture and solar panel can be placed separately at optimum places
  • Larger cord than most other corded lights
  • Larger solar panel and battery than other spotlights
  • Clean and professional look on both solar panels and lights
  • Pleasing light colors and vivid RGB variants


  • Need to be always connected via cord, which can be problematic
  • Relatively lower max light output

6. HEX 30X twin solar spotlight:

Separate solar panel spotlight

Photo: amazon

HEX 30X spotlight is the last entry on our list. It’s a matter of opinion. But this spotlight has all the qualities to be at the top of the list.

The set comes with a pair of light stamps, each capable of producing 120 lumens of warm white accent. In addition, the light has three convenient brightness modes making it suitable for every setup.

One of my favorite aspects of this light is the look of it. It’s super tiny, compact, and cute. It has a low profile and mild color; it’s not catchy and will easily blend in most surroundings. But if it is visible, it will still look adorable.

When you think of the ambiance, you have to pay attention to look; the light has to blend in well. It can’t be an eye-soar.

The solar panel is separate and can be positioned to get maximum sun exposure without compromising the lights and ambiance. The cable length is 16 feet from the solar panel and 10 feet between the two lamps.

The Solar panel and the lights are rated IP65, meaning they will fully protect from rain, snow, sprinkle water, etc., and more.

Brightness 120 lumen
Battery capacity
Runtime on battery 6-8 hours on high and low mode
Time to fully charge 5-6 in summer, 6-8 in winter
IP rating IP65
USB/Cable Corded (16 + 10) feet


  • Compact and minimal design
  • Soothing light color
  • Large solar panel
  • Appreciable water resistance
  • Pleasing body-color


  • Total light output may seem underwhelming
  • The cable provided is relatively shorter

So that’s our list of the best solar spotlight. We added the lights that are the best in our opinion. However, there are various types of lights available in the market, each with their pros and cons. And that’s why you should be knowledgeable and careful of what you choose and what you buy. We hope the list will help you make your choice.

If you are not sure and want clear guidelines about buying a new solar spotlight, we got you covered. Following is our Buyer’s guide. We discussed different aspects of the lights, what the values mean, and what you should look out for when buying a new garden spotlight.

Buyer’s corner

As I mentioned above, the best solar spotlight for you will be the one that suits your needs the best. So, the most important thing is for you to be clear about the qualities you need the most.

With that out of the way, here are the things you should keep in mind when shopping for a solar spotlight.

1. Brightness:

Brightness level determines the amount/level of brightness a particular light can produce. While this is a direct indicator of the device’s power, it is not a direct indicator of performance. Generally, the higher the brightness level indicated, the better it will perform. But it will unavoidably increase the budget. In reality, how well a light will perform depends on three factors:

i. Surface area:

If the object/area you want to light up is large such as a large tree, lawn swimming pool, etc., you should be careful to pick up a light with a higher brightness rating/lumen.

ii. Distance:

If the light is meant to be far away from the target, like a security light, positioned on a wall, lamp post, or at a corner of a large yard, etc., the light will spread a lot and get dimmer when it reaches. So, getting a light with a higher brightness value is recommended.

iii. Spread:

Some lights have a higher spread value than others. If you would like to buy a light with a higher spread value, be sure to pick a variant with a higher lumen as well.

2.  Color of the light:

When buying a new solar spotlight, pay attention to the color or accent of the light. For example, some lights produce a warm white accent; some have bright white color. Another popular variant is colored/RGB lights.

Different accents/colors will suit better in various setups. but it highly depends on the user’s taste. So, pay attention to the color the produces before proceeding to purchase.

Generally, warm white is more pleasing to look at, but bright white will be better as a security light or to light up a sign, or so. On the other hand, colored and RGB lights are highly situational, but it generally looks excellent around pools or may be even of signs.

3.  Size:

The size of the light generally doesn’t matter a lot. But it is a thing to consider when purchasing a new light. Because it will matter in the long run.

Larger lights can accommodate larger batteries and have powerful bulbs. Thus, they are better in general. But it can be an eye-soar or an inconvenience depending on where you plan to place the light. So, you might want to go small. Hence, planning ahead of time is a good idea.

4.  Built-in solar panel/separate solar panel:

Our general recommendation is to go with a built-in solar panel. Because these lights are super convenient, compact, easy to install, maintain, and a better choice all-around.

The biggest drawback of this type of light is that it must have sky access directly above where you want to place the light because the solar panel must have at least 6-8 hours of sunlight, preferably every day. A lower exposure window or indirect sunlight won’t provide enough power and, in turn, stress and strain the battery,

So, if you think your spotlight won’t get enough sunlight, go with a separate solar panel spotlight model and place the panel where it will have max exposure.

5.   Battery capacity/run time:

In general, a solar spotlight is meant to be lit for the duration of the night. So, having a larger battery capacity is generally a good idea. But having a large battery is not crucial though. For example, you might get a night-long service from a smaller battery if the brightness rating of the light is also small enough.

So, a better rating to look out for is run time. Ensure that the light you choose has an 8 hour run time rating or more.

6.  Cable/USB:

We discussed cable before. If you want the light in a spot where it won’t get direct sky access, you should go for the corded variant of the solar spotlight.

Having USB support is an extra feature, though. Ideally, it would be best if you never had to use this feature from a solar spotlight. But, if you need an extra power boost, then having the facility is excellent.

USB support is extra necessary if it rains or snows for a few days straight.

7.  IP rating:

IP rating indicates how resistant the device is to dust and water. The higher the value is, the better and safer it is. For a light that’s meant to be on the lawn or beside the driveway, it has to be completely dust-resistant, rain-proof, and snowproof, as well as temperature resistant.

IP64 is the bare minimum rating you can go with for a garden lamp. And IP65 is a better option for driveway lighting. Beucause, it is completely dust-proof and rain-proof. But it will still be damaged by standing water if it gets submerged.


That’s the end of the list of the best solar spotlights. We tried to present you with some of the best products available in the market. But honestly, there are hundreds of products out there with thousands of variations, and we can include only so much.

We hope the buying guide will help you decide on the right light for you. We tried to present as many points as possible being in the scope of the article. If you have more questions or something specific you want to discuss, be sure to reach out to us via the comment section or our email, and we will gladly answer any questions you might have.

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