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A handheld spotlight is a crucial tool for almost any outdoor adventure. while in most cases you can get away using any regular spotlight, There are some situations where having a long distance handheld spotlight is a must. But what makes a great long distances spotlight? And among the numerous brands, what are the best spotlight for long distance?

Intuitively, it may seem like the brightest handheld spotlight will always be the longest-distance handheld spotlight. On paper, it makes sense. But many other factors play vital roles in dictating the effective distance of the spotlight.

Choosing the right brand and model is already a struggle of its own. Besides, considering the build quality adds a layer of complexity on top of it. Hence, it becomes a very engaging and time-consuming chore. Thus, we took the time to research the market to make the experience much easier and streamlined for you. So here are our top picks for the best spotlight for long distance.

What determines the distance of a spotlight?

Even though we are presenting a short and comprehensive list of spotlights for long distances, you should still know the basics to determine the best one for your situation from our list (or if you change your mind and decide to do your own resource).

When Looking through the specifications of a spotlight you should pay attention to the following aspects of the spotlight.


The first and the most dominant spec of a spotlight is its brightness. It’s quite intuitive actually, the brighter a spotlight is, the more energy(light) it can throw and the more distance it can cover.

Beam spread:

The next most important aspect that determines the range of a spotlight is the spread of its beam. It is often noted as beam angle or spread angle. Because, it indicates the angle, how far the light spreads from the center of the beam. Obviously, the more the beam angle is, the higher the amount of light that spreads from the central beam, effectively reducing the range of the spotlight.

So, If you want to maximize the range you’ll get, you should go for a spotlight with a narrow beam or lower beam spread.

Lens Curvature:

Another important thing to look for is the curvature of its lens. Although, not all the spotlight comes with a lens with a considerable impact. In other words, most spotlight lenses are just flat glass or plastic.  but when a spotlight comes with the lens, it plays a greater role in increasing (or decreasing) the effective range of the spotlight. 

Having a convex lens will focus the throw of the spotlight towards the center of the beam. And a conservative throw will increase the range of the spotlight.

Light color:

The color of the spotlight is a relatively minor factor. But it is something to consider. Because, red light and white light with a reddish accent have more penetration power. Thus, in fog, heavy rain, or other challenging environments, a light with a reddish tone will usually reach a longer distance compared to a light with a yellow or blue accent. 

If you want to know more about what to consider when buying a new long-distance handheld spotlight, you can refer to the buying guide near the end of this article. And if you want to know more details about spotlights in general, you can read our detailed and comprehensive buying guide.

Top 7 best long distance spotlight:

Brightest SpotlightIMALENT4,430 feet100,000 lumens32,000 mAh

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AlpsWolfALPSWOLF3,900 feet4,000 lumens20,000 mAh

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CSNDICE-35W-Rechargeable-SpotlightCSNDICE2,950 feet9,000 lumens6,600 mAh

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YIERBLUE2,800 feet6,000 lumens10,000 mAh

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DANGEJA2,600 feet6,000 lumens9,600 mAh

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ODEAR2,600 feet6,000 lumens9,800 mAh

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DEWALT-20V-MAX-SpotlightDEWALT1,525 feet1,500 lumens12,000 mAh

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Brightest SpotlightIMALENTAlpsWolfAlpsWolfCSNDICE-35W-Rechargeable-SpotlightCSNDICE
4,430 feet3,900 feet2,950 feet
100,000 lumens4,000 lumens9,000 lumens
32,000 mAh20,000 mAh6,600 mAh

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1. Imalent MS18


Photo: amazon

Let’s start with a Banger. The Imalent MS18 is THE brightest spotlight available in the market. Even though it is not a narrow beam spotlight, it generates so much power that it still offers the greatest range you can get from a commercial spotlight.

The Imalent MS18 can produce a mind-boggling 100,000 lumens.

With 18 powerful CREE XHP70.2 bulbs and a reflector for each, the spotlight achieves an unparalleled 1350 meters or 4430 feet of range. Although, it is not a narrow beam spotlight. Hence, the beam throw of this spotlight is mostly for its immense power.

But that’s mostly on paper. in reality, the effective distance this handheld spotlight can cover will depend on the environment and the cleanliness of the air. For the most part, this spotlight can illuminate a distance of up to a mile brightly enough for you to see easily.

But on strobe mode, the light of this spotlight will be visible and distinguishable from as much as ten miles of distance.

We have a full review of this spotlight, so if you are interested to know more, you can read our Imalent MS18 Review & Buying Guide


Brightness:100,000 lumens
Battery Capacity:32,000mAh
Range:4430 feet
Runtime:1 hour - 15 hour
IP rating:IP56
Imalent MS18 Specifications


  • Superior luminosity
  • Unparalleled beam throw distance
  • Gigantic battery capacity
  • Stylish, sturdy, and premium outlook
  • Comes with a shoulder strap


  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Produces significantly more heat on higher settings

2. Alpswolf W846 Spotlight

Photo: amazon

Another exceptional spotlight for long-range is the Alpswolf W846 spotlight. Besides, it is interesting for other reasons. Because, the solid-surface brick-shaped spotlight has two light fixtures at either end of the brick. One of them is the dedicated spotlight and the other is a floodlight/strobe light.

The spotlight comes in three variants, Small, Large, and X-Large. The X-Large variant is our pick today. Because, it comes with the capability of producing up to 4,000 lumens on the spotlight end, and 1,200 lumens on the floodlight end. Additionally, the spotlight fixture can illuminate up to 3900+ feet on full power output.

Besides, the X-Large size has a built-in battery with a capacity of 20,000mAh. Additionally, it has a USB input and output port, meaning this spotlight doubles as a portable power bank. The light also has an easy-to-read LED power level reading.

The flat base of the spotlight is already excellent allowing you to park it anywhere. And on top of it, it also has a built-in tripod mount. Additionally, the light is rated IPX5, meaning it is fairly well protected from rain and water splashes.

Overall, it’s an excellent spotlight and can be paired with most, if not all outdoor activities.


Brightness:4,000 lumens
Battery Capacity:20,000mAh
Range:3900+ feet
Runtime:15 hour - 25 hour
IP rating:IPX5
Alpswolf W846 Specifications


  • Exceptional range on the spotlight end
  • Extremely large battery capacity
  • Works phenomenally well as a fast output powerbank
  • Super easy to place down and also comes with Tripod mount
  • Great runtime even on the highest power mode


  • A bit on the heavy side
  • Does not support or come with a shoulder strap, you will need to improvise

3. CSNDICE Handheld Spotlight

Photo: amazon

The CSNDICE handheld spotlight is another commercial spotlight with great range and reliable build. Also, it has a decent battery backup and relatively consistent brightness. The beam throw of the spotlight is also quite focused.

The CSNDICE Rechargeable spotlight can generate up to 9,000 lumens. Additionally, the effective range of this spotlight is about 2950 feet on high mode. Although, the best part is that the brightness (and range) stays relatively level throughout the whole work cycle even as the battery level drops.

So with the superior brightness and range, The CSNDICE spotlight can easily be the best choice for most outdoor activities such as hunting, driving, boating, fishing, etc.

Besides, this handheld rechargeable spotlight has a runtime of up to 20 hours on high light mode. Although, the low light mode lasts for 8 – 10 hours. 

Plus, the spotlight is rated IP45,  meaning this spotlight can withstand most environmental damage such as dust, water splash, and even heavy rain making it ideal for your next adventure.


Brightness:9,000 lumens
Battery Capacity:6,600mAh
Range:2950 feet
Runtime:10 hour - 20 hour
IP rating:IP45
CSNDICE Specifications


  • Appreciable range
  • great run time
  • Excellent brightness
  • Convenient carry for extended usage
  • Consistent brightness


  • Comparatively smaller battery capacity
  • It may take some getting-used-to

4. YIERBLUE Rechargebale Spotlight

Photo: amazon

Another great spotlight with an appreciable range is the Yierblue rechargeable spotlight. Most of the specifications of the spotlight is is pretty similar to the previous spotlight but this one has an under-grip (pistol-like) handle, unlike the CSNDICE.

This spotlight is capable of generating up to 6000 lumens with an effective range of 2800 feet. Additionally, the runtime is a little over 12 hours. Compared to the previous spotlight, it lacks a little in brightness but makes up for that with a larger battery and run time and the convenience of carrying. But, on the battery-saving mode, this light has a runtime of up to 24 hours.

The under-grip holding style is easier to carry and aim, but can fatigue the hand faster. However, the light comes with a convenient shoulder strap and tripod mount for those extended use cases.

Additionally, it has a convenient sidelight/floodlight. Besides, the light is rated IPX4, indicating that this light will not be damaged in light rain.


Brightness:6,000 lumens
Battery Capacity:10,000mAh
Range:2800 feet
Runtime:12 hour - 24 hour
IP rating:IPX4
YIERBLUE Specifications


  • Excellent battery backup
  • Great beam throw distance
  • Great luminosity
  • Large battery and USB output port
  • Comes with shoulder strap and stand


  • Weaker water-resistance
  • The trigger initially feels a bit too tight

5. DANGEJA Portable Spotlight

Photo: amazon

The next entry on our list is the Dangeja portable spotlight, generating up to 6,000 lumens with a distance coverage of up to 2,600 feet.

Besides, on the high setting, the spotlight can sustain the 6000 lumens of brightness along with the 2600 feet range for a maximum of 10 hours in one go. But on low settings, it can operate for up to 24 hours.

Besides, the IPX4 waterproof rating of this light is relatively low in comparison with many other of its competitors. However, the rating is not bad by any means. Because it can easily withstand light and even moderate rain and any other splashes of water from any direction. 

All in all, it’s a great spotlight to have and is perfect for most outdoor activities. 


Brightness:6,000 lumens
Battery Capacity:9,600mAh
Range:2600 feet
Runtime:10 hour - 24 hour
IP rating:IPX4
DANGEJA Specifications


  • Excellent brightness
  • Excellent max range
  • Appreciable run time
  • Quick charging
  • USB output port


  • Weaker water-resistance
  • ABS body parts

6. Odear Bright LED Lamp

Photo: amazon

Another excellent alternative for long distance spotlight is the Odear Bright LED lamp. This is spotlight is powerful, however, in my opinion, they cut back on material quality to reduce the price slightly.

Regardless if you want a powerful budget accessory, the Odear spotlight is the one for you. Because, this handheld spotlight can handily generate 6000 lumens of brightness and cover up to 2600 feet of distance. 

The runtime is also slightly behind but as per with its competitors, clocking at close to 8 hours of runtime at the bright setting.

However, the drawback of this spotlight is the material it is made of. The body of the spotlight is made of thin aluminum plates and ABS plastic. While ABS is quite strong and scratch-resistant, it can fracture and break easier compared to polycarbonate.

The waterproof rating of This is spotlight is also about average. Although, with an IPX5 rating, it can withstand a moderate level of rainfall without sustaining any damage.


Brightness:6,000 lumens
Battery Capacity:9,800mAh
Range:2600 feet
Runtime:8 hour - 26 hour
IP rating:IPX5
Odear LED lamp Specifications


  • Excellent beam throw
  • Appreciable battery capacity
  • Great luminosity
  • Convenient side lamp
  • Relatively budget-friendly


  • Comparatively weaker structure
  • Relatively weaker water-resistance

7. Dewalt DCL043 Worklight

Photo: amazon

The Dewalt DCL043 Worklight is one of the most stable and reliable spotlights on this list. Being produced by a reputable company such as Dewalt comes with its parks, namely being reliable, stable, and durable as well as stylish.

Even though brightness or distance is not the main selling point of this is the spotlight, it is not bad either. This spotlight is capable of producing up to 1500 lumens and has an effective range of 1525 feet. Both of those are more than enough in most cases

If you already own one (or more) other Dewalt accessories, then this spotlight will be significantly more valuable to you. Because this is spotlight uses the same standard 20-volt slide-in battery as other Dewalt 20-Volt series products do. This means you can swap and share batteries between your accessories allowing you to use the products while one of your batteries is being charged. 

However, one of the greatest attractions of the Dewalt products is their iconic yellow and black structure. The design is standard and, frankly speaking, stylish for professional accessories.


Brightness:1,500 lumens
Battery Capacity:12,000mAh (Dewalt standard 20V)
Range:1525 feet
Runtime:4 hour - 13.5 hour
IP rating:IPX4
Dewalt DCL043 Specifications


  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Interchangeable/externally replaceable battery.
  • Comes with a belt hook and shoulder strap
  • Stylish and professional look
  • Sturdy build


  • Relatively weaker water-resistance
  • Relatively lower max range

What determines the distance of a spotlight?

When shopping for the best spotlight for long distance, there are several other factors to consider besides the range of the spotlight. Because the range is neither the only considerable factor for a spotlight nor is it the most important. A long distance handheld spotlight is a spotlight at the end of the day and it has to be reliable as well as well-balanced.

So here are all the things you will need to consider and evaluate when shopping for your next long distances spotlight.


Brightness is one of the key features to consider when choosing a spotlight. Because, after all, the main purpose of a spotlight is to produce light reliably. As a rule of thumb, the higher the brightness rating is, the more useful the spotlight will be in most scenarios. 

But a spotlight with a higher brightness will also consume more power and thus require a larger and heavier battery. at the same time, it will also be costlier. So you should consider the purpose you are buying the spotlight for when deciding on the brightness.

Generally, 300 to 1000 lumens of brightness for general household uses is sufficient. 1000 to 3000 lumens for light activities such as camping, jogging, and running will be ample. And for demanding activities such as boating, fishing, mountain trekking, driving, live-stock security, etc., you should aim for 5,000+ lumens. 

The beam throw and focus of a spotlight are also quite important.

Battery backup:

The battery backup of the spotlight is another crucial factor to consider. It is not only annoying but also potentially dangerous if the battery runs out in the middle of the night. So it is always a good idea to have a spotlight that can sustain luminosity overnight.

But again it depends on your situation. If you are planning on using the light around or nearby your home, then a longer run time is not necessary. Because you will be able to recharge the light frequently. In this case, the greater run time, and in extension, the larger battery will increase its weight unnecessarily. 

The more light a spotlight will throw, the faster it will drain the battery. Thus, it is important to balance the throw and the runtime of the spotlight. Balancing between the throw and the remaining battery is not part of the build of the spotlight, but rather depends on the user’s experience.


When buying a new spotlight range is another important factor to consider. But we will not discuss the throw of a spotlight here in this article. Because all the spotlights we mentioned here already have a great range and cover distance. 

And since you are reading this, that means you already know and want a long distance handheld spotlight ( 😅) so, “Skip”.

IP rating:

IP rating or waterproof rating is a secondary specification of a spotlight. But when in the situation, it will be important.

The IP rating of a spotlight indicates how resistant it is against elements such as dust, water, rain, snow, etc. It is noted as “IPXX” where both “X”s are replaced by numbers. Here, the first number indicates dust protection and the latter indicates water protection. The higher the number is, the more protected it is.

And if the “X” remains as is, such as IPX4, that means the light is not rated on that scale.

According to the standard, an IPX4 product is water splash and light rain-resistant. An IPX6 product is completely rainproof, and IPX7 and IPX8 products are submersible for up to 30 minutes.

You can read the DSM&T’s IP rating chart for information on this.

Build Quality:

A well-built spotlight will not only last longer but also be more comfortable to use. Common materials spotlights are made of include- Stainless steel, Aluminum, ABS plastic, and polycarbonate.

Among these, Aluminum is lighter than stainless steel, and high-grade Aluminum is also more durable than steel. But you might need to do some resources on it, depending on the product.

And Polycarbonate is the better plastic of the two. But ABS is not too far behind either. When ABS is used, you’ll need to look at and understand its role. And also how much stress it will possibly face when the light is dropped.

FAQ about long distance handheld spotlight

In this section, we will answer some of the common questions regarding Long-distance spotlights. However, if your question is not answered, or if you are looking for some specific answers, feel free to reach out to us in the comment.

Q: What is the most powerful handheld spotlight?

A: The most powerful commercial spotlight available is the Imalent MS18. It is also the spotlight with the highest range.

The Imalent MS18 can produce a whopping 100,000 lumens of brightness and has an effective range of 4430 feet.

Q: How far will 1,000 lumen shine?

A: It is case-specific. It depends on the spotlight. Streamlight 44910 is a standard 1,000 spotlight, it can throw a beam at a distance of 2230 feet.

But this spotlight is well optimized for this brightness. So in general, expect a bit less range from an average spotlight of 1,000 lumens.

Q: What long distance spotlight shines the farthest?

A: As of now, the Imalent MS18 shines the furthest. It has a throw distance of over 4430feet. But the strobe of it can be seen and distinguished from as much as ten miles away.

Acebeam x70 spotlight is also super bright. Its light can also illuminate in the range of 4000feet. Both of the spotlights are quite impressive.

Q: How many lumens are good for long distance spotlight?

A: It depends on how optimized the spotlight is for distance. For a moderately optimized spotlight, around 5000 -6000 lumens will get you around 2600 feet throw distance.

But you can get a similar distance from a 1000-1500 lumen spotlight as well if the spotlight is well optimized for range/beam throw.


Spotlights are, in general, optimized for the maximizing range. When designing a new spotlight model, the bulb choice, reflector choice, and occasionally the lens choice focus on maximizing its range. Still, the effective range varies between models for reasons.

If you are looking for THE best handheld spotlight for long distance, your best bet will undoubtedly be the Imalent MS18. You simply can’t find something better. But if you are looking for a spotlight with great range, but also on a budget, then go for the CSNDICE. It will be worth it. Trust us. 

But then again, you are free to do your research. If you prefer to do so, you can always refer to the Buying guide section, or the detailed Buying Guide for more info. Happy Shopping.

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