Best Spotlight Reviews and Buying Guide (2022)

Handheld Spotlights are great to bring with you for hiking, fishing, or hunting. But they are also a lifesaving kit for after-dark activities in emergencies. That said, some of the best spotlight can do much more than that.

Spotlights are strong and more powerful than most other handheld portable light sources. They are built to provide the extra bit of light when it is necessary. But there is a wide range of spotlights to choose from, and they are built to serve different purposes with different specialties.

Min-maxing opens up the window to get the light that is perfect for the job, but this can also create confusion about choosing the ideal spotlight unless you already know. Choosing can be a daunting task, which we aim to assist you with. Following are our picks for the best spotlight you should buy and why you should buy them.

Best Overall Spotlight:

Best Spotlight for Light Output:

Best Spotlight for Run Time:

ProductRuntimeBrightnessIP RatingPrice
DEWALT-20V-MAX-SpotlightDEWALT8-24 hours1500 lumensIP54

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BIGSUN-Rechargeable SpotlightBIGSUN10-32 hours6000 lumensIP54

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YIERBLUEYIERBLUE10-20 hours6000 lumensIPX4

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Brightest SpotlightIMALENT1 min - 15 hours100000 lumenIP56

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CSNDICE-35W-Rechargeable-SpotlightCSNDICE10-26 hours9000 lumenIPX7

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Streamlight-44910-SpotlightSTREAMLIGHT4-87 hours1000 lumenIPX8

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AlpsWolfALPSWOLF20-35 hours4000 lumenIPX5

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BUYSIGHTBUYSIGHT10-32 hours10000 lumenIP64

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Best OverallBest for LightBest for Runtime
DEWALT-20V-MAX-SpotlightDEWALTBrightest SpotlightIMALENTStreamlight-44910-SpotlightSTREAM LIGHT
8-24 hours1 min - 15 hours4-87 hours
1,500 lumens100,000 lumens1,000 lumen

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Before we get started, you should think of a few key points. These will help you make your decision correctly.

Characteristics of Best Spotlight

When buying a spotlight, you should have a clear idea of what you are looking for in the spotlight. For example, do you need high illumination from it or long Battery life? Or maybe you need both? Likewise, Is a Rechargeable battery better for you, or is it a Changeable battery?

Will it be at risk of rain or snow or is there a risk of it dropping in water? Additionally, will you primarily use it at a campsite or for hunting? Is Range or Spread more important for your cause?

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself. Because, these answers will guide you to choose the best spotlight. And you are the best guide you will get. However, if you want to know more about different aspects of a spotlight, you can find a detailed explanation below. Or, if you want a complete walkthrough, you can refer to our comprehensive Buying guide.

In this article, we present 9 of our picks of the best spotlight you can choose from, and be sure to like what you get. But before picking the best spotlight, you must understand what is “best” for you. Some spotlights are remarkable for their battery backup, while some are unparalleled for their light output. Similarly, Some have more robust builds, while some have excellent utility. That said, make sure to take some time to consider what you value the most in your case.

For a comprehensive guide, take a look at our Buying Guide before selecting the best spotlight for you.

1. DEWALT DCL043 Spotlight:


Photo: amazon

Dewalt DCL043 spotlight is an excellent all-around spotlight. It has the right combination of battery, power, and runtime.

This can produce up to 1,500 lumens. In other words, it is bright enough whether you are working indoors or strolling outside. Just be sure to NEVER directly look at the light when it is on.

The spotlight has 4 LEDs. Three of them are bright white LEDs, and the other is a bright red LED. The red one is to preserve the night vision. White light tires our eyes more than red light does. So, having the extra red light will help you get your eyesight back faster after turning the light off.

The range of this spotlight at max power is 1,525 feet or 508 yards and the run time on both high and low settings is appreciable.

The spotlight uses the Dewalt 20V battery as the power source, shared with many other Dewalt products. So, after running out of battery, you can switch it out with another battery from any other product with a similar power rating, and you are good to go. Just make sure that the battery type is the same. There are two types, slide-in and push-up.

Its 90-degree pivoting head and belt hook are some of the extra features. You can pitch the head up or down depending on your needs, and when not in use, you can attach it with your belt for easy retrieval.

The spotlight is classy with its iconic black and yellow Dewalt design pattern.

It’s an overall great piece of tech and our number 1 pick. However, it does have a drawback. The light doesn’t come with a battery and charger, so you will need to buy the battery and charger separately.


  • Dewalt universal slide-in type battery(not included)
  • Brightness Up to 1500 Lumens
  • 1,525 feet, 508 yards range
  • 8-10 hours runtime (highest setting)
  • Up to 24 hours runtime (lowest setting)
  • Water Resistance Rating IP54


  • Powerful light
  • Versatility
  • Sleek design
  • Dewalt universal battery
  • Superior build quality


  • A bit pricier
  • Battery and charger not included

2. BIGSUN Q953 Spotlight:


Photo: amazon

Our next pick is the Bigsun Q953 spotlight. It is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to buy accessories separately, and its specs are as par with the top spotlights out there.

The Bigsun stands out from other spotlights for its massive light output. The light has three lighting modes: High, low, and SOS. It can generate up to 6,000 lumens for 10 hours on the high setting. Low and SOS mode will work for 24 – 32 hours.

The range is also impressive, 2,600 feet or 866 yards ideally. The light comes with a built-in 10,800mAh battery. Plugging in the AC charger will generate brighter and warmer light.

The USB port and the red filter that it comes with are some of the extra features. Both of those can enhance your camping/party vibe. And if you want more, you can purchase two other colored filters separately for more fun.

The side panel light works as a floodlight and has enough power to light up an entire campsite or a medium-large room.

The Bigsun spotlight comes with a tripod stand and shoulder strap for extra versatility.

One downside of this spotlight is its relatively poor waterproof rating. It is rated IP54. The light will be aright in rain and snow but will be damaged if submerged in water.


Battery:10,800 mAh
Brightness:6,000 lumens
Range:Up to 2,600 feet
Runtime(on high setting):Up to 10h
Runtime(on low setting):Up to 24 - 32h
IP rating:IP54
Bigsun handheld spotlight specifications


  • Excellent light output
  • Enormous battery life
  • Works with direct power input
  • Emergency USB power output
  • Side panel floodlight


  • It does not work in USB power output mode
  • Relatively weaker waterproof rating

3. YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight:


Photo: amazon

Coming at number 3 is the Yierblue Rechargeable spotlight. Again, it is another high-tier spotlight that packs some real power.

The Yierblue spotlight can generate up to 6,000 lumens on the high setting for 10 hours. The low and SOS mode lasts much longer, for about 20 hours. The 10,000mAh built-in battery speaks for itself.

The range of 2,800 feet or 933 yards is also impressive.

The sidelight or floodlight complements its main light quite well. The 24 LED beads of the sidelight will illuminate the campsite, a medium-sized room, or inside of the tent quite well.

One of the best aspects of this spotlight is its long shelf life. It will still retain most of its charge even after a year of storing, while most other lights will simply drain empty. This makes Yierblue one of the best lighting options for emergency kits.

The Type-C USB port will support fast charging for most of your modern smart devices like phones, cameras, notebooks, etc. It has the battery power to back it up as well.

The product is rated IPX4 water-resistant, making it the perfect tool to carry in the rain, snow, and such, and it will work like a charm. However, it is relatively lower than many other spotlights.


  • Battery capacity 10,000mAh
  • Brightness 6,000 Lumens
  • 2,800 feet, 933 yards range
  • 10 hours runtime (highest setting)
  • 20 hours runtime (lowest setting)
  • Water Resistance Rating IPX4


  • Impressive light output
  • Longer shelf-life
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • Fast USB power bank
  • Elegant design


  • Slightly heavier than many other handheld spotlights
  • ABS plastic body with aluminum frame



Photo: amazon

IMALENT MS18 spotlight is the absolute beast of a spotlight in light output.

On the highest light mode (it has nine light modes), the turbo mode, this piece of equipment can generate an unbelievable 100,000 lumens. It’s one of the brightest spotlights out there, if not the brightest.

It needs a dedicated cooling system. That’s pretty cool. The light beam from this spotlight can reach a staggering distance of over 4429 feet or 1476 yards, almost doubling most other entries of this list.

The lowest setting is 700 lumens. On 700, 2000, and 5000 lumens, it will run for 15 hours, 9 hours, and 7 hours respectively. So, if you don’t need the mad high powers, you can use it as a regular spotlight, and when you do need the high power, it is one click away.

When fully charged, it can produce 100,000 lumens for no more than 1 minute, and then the brightness will automatically drop down to 25,000 lumens for 50 minutes before the battery depletes. Unfortunately, it drains the battery so fast that it would ruin it within a few cycles if the light didn’t throttle the output.

The battery capacity of this spotlight is 32,000mAh. And if you are concerned, it has an OLED display showing the remaining battery life, time remaining for the given light mode, etc. Pretty convenient if you ask me.

NOTE: NEVER TURN ON TURBO MODE INDOORS. I have to mention it in all caps because the turbo mode is dangerous indoors. It will damage your eyes and everyone else inside, even if you don’t look at it directly.


  • Battery capacity 32,000mAh
  • Brightness 100,000 Lumens
  • 4429 feet, 1476 yards range
  • 15 hours runtime (lowest setting)
  • 1 minute(100,000lm) + 50 minute(25,000lm) runtime (highest setting)
  • Water Resistance Rating IP56


  • An unbelievable 100,000-lumens output
  • Several light modes for almost any situations
  • IP56 rating
  • Digital display
  • Ultra-wide beam for floodlight functionality


  • Faster battery drain for cooling and OLED display
  • Heavier than the majority of the handheld spotlights

5. CSNDICE Handheld Spotlight:


Photo: amazon

CSNDICE handheld spotlight offers significantly lower lumens output compared to Imalent, but it’s more in the realm of practicality. In other words, this spotlight provides remarkable power while maintaining longer runtime.

The CSNDICE spotlight can provide up to 9,000 lumens on high and has a runtime of 10 hours at that level. On the other hand, the low setting provides 2,000 lumens for 20 hours, up to 26 in the ideal scenario.

It is an under-grip spotlight, and it comes with a shoulder strap to give you a hands-free experience. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support a tripod stand.

The 15,000mAh battery doubles as a power bank for your mobile, camera, etc. You can charge your gadgets on the go.

The product is rated IPX7. It will work flawlessly even if you drop it in water up to 3 feet deep.


  • Battery capacity 15,000 mAh
  • Brightness 9000 Lumens
  • 2600 feet, 866 yards range
  • 10 hours runtime (highest setting)
  • 20-26 hours runtime (lowest setting)
  • Water Resistance Rating IPX7


  • Remarkable lighting
  • Enormous battery storage
  • Excellent as a power bank
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • Comfortable shoulder strap


  • Different handle style
  • No stand support

6. Streamlight 44910:


Photo: amazon

The handheld spotlight by Streamlight is a magnificent gadget for saving battery juice. It doesn’t produce as many lumens as many other spotlights, but it makes up for that with its longevity.

The spotlight can produce up to 1,000 lumens on high setting, and the 6,000mAh rechargeable battery will keep it up for at least 4 hours straight. On medium, the spotlight will produce 550 lumens for 6 hours, and on low, it will generate only 35 lumens for a staggering 80 hours. Meaning you can use it for days if you use it a bit conservatively.

The range of this light is impressive for only 1,000 lumens. It can reach up to 2,230 feet or 744 yards, which is on par with other leading spotlights.

This spotlight is rated IPX8 and will survive being submerged up to 2 meters and impacts from up to 1-meter fall. Better yet, if dropped in water, it will float. That’s a unique trait for a spotlight.

However, there is a lacking of this spotlight. It doesn’t have excellent floodlight functionality or sidelight panel as many other top spotlights do. Regardless, it is indeed a perfect option for what it does.


  • Battery capacity 6,000 mAh
  • Brightness 1,000 Lumens
  • 2,230 feet, 744 yards range
  • 4 hours runtime (highest setting)
  • 80 hours runtime (lowest setting)
  • Water Resistance Rating IPX8


  • Excellent water-resistant and impact-resistant
  • Floats in water
  • Lightweight and smaller size for easy carry
  • Extremely efficient battery saving for huge runtime
  • Built-in stand and wrist strap for convenience


  • No floodlight functionality
  • Limited lumens output

7. AlpsWolf W845 Rechargeable spotlight:


Photo: amazon

AlpsWolf W845 is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and unique-looking spotlights. It has lights on both ends of the brick, one for the spotlight and the other for floodlight.

The X-large variant of the spotlight can produce up to 4,000 lumens on the spotlight end on the high setting. The run time of the spotlight is 20 hours on high and 30-35 hours on low, and the floodlight is 12 hours on high, 16-20 hours on low.

The spotlight beam can reach a maximum distance of 3,930 feet or 1310 yards.

Of the three variants, the X-large variant hosts a gigantic 20,000mAh lithium-ion battery. On the other hand, the Large and Small variant houses 15,000mAh and 10,000mAh.

The light has a tripod mount to attach it with any standard tripod. But it lacks a shoulder strap or wrist strap.

The IP rating of this product is IPX5, which is not that great. It’s fine in rain and snow, but it is not water-resistant and will be damaged if dipped in water.

Regardless, if you want battery power, it has it ready to tap in.


  • Battery capacity 20,000 mAh
  • Brightness 4,000 Lumens
  • 3,930 feet, 1310 yards range
  • 20 hours (spotlight) 12 hours (floodlight) runtime (highest setting)
  • 30-35 hours (spotlight) 16-20 hours (floodlight) runtime (lowest setting)
  • Water Resistance Rating IPX5


  • Large and efficient battery
  • Double-sided light with multiple functionalities
  • Great reach distance
  • Appreciable light level and longevity
  • Smart battery indicator and light control


  • Relatively weaker water-resistant rating
  • The look or carrying style can be irritating at first

8. Buysight Handheld rechargeable spotlight:


Photo: amazon

The Handheld rechargeable spotlight from Buysight is another good choice for run time.

The front-facing LED can generate up to 10,000 lumens on max setting. As standard, It has three modes, high, low, and strobe.

The light will run for upwards of 10 hours on the high setting, and on the low setting, the battery lasts significantly longer. At max, it can work for up to 32 hours, starting from a full charge. The sidelight/floodlight will run for 20-40 hours. Oh yeah, the battery capacity is 9,000mAh, if you were wondering.

The main light beam can reach 2625 feet or 874 yards on high.

The focused beam also has a decent spread to light up the immediate vicinity. Additionally, the spotlight has a dedicated sidelight that functions as a camping lamp. It has built-in white and red LEDs, and they can light normally or flicker individually.

The light

comes with a tripod and a shoulder mount, making it perfect for trekking and camping.

And yes, it does have USB input and output ports on the back for charging the light and charging other appliances.

The product is rated IP64.


  • Battery capacity 9,000 mAh
  • Brightness 10,000 Lumens
  • 2625 feet, 874 yards range
  • 10 hours  runtime (highest setting)
  • 40 hours  runtime (lowest setting)
  • Water Resistance Rating IP64


  • Excellent run time
  • Excellent light output
  • Comes with a tripod and shoulder strap
  • Colored SOS mode for attention
  • Side panel flood light


  • Not completely water-resistant
  • Does not have a battery level indicator

That’s our picks for the best spotlight. Have you found the spotlight you are looking for? There’s a chance you might not have. Honestly, we can review only so many products in one article. So feel free to search for the specific one that is the best spotlight for you. But be sure to search smart rather than searching rigorously.

To make the journey easy for you, following is our Brief buying guide that will hopefully ease the process for you. For a detailed walkthrough, you can check the complete Buying guide.

So, what do you look for when buying a spotlight?

First thing first, what’s important is what you need, not what’s best. “Best” means differently from person to person and from situation to situation. My best may not be the same as your best. So, take your time to evaluate your case and what you need from your spotlight.

1. Brightness:

The brightness you should go with is dependent on the purpose you will be using the light for.

For regular household and outdoor use, night walking, and other light works when you are usually within reach from home, try to stay below 1000 lumens. Usually, that’s enough light, and it will also give an excellent battery backup without increasing the budget too much.

For camping, hiking, mountain trekking, and other activities when you are away for a long time bring between 1000 and 4000 lumens spotlight, and potentially with higher battery rating. You will need the extra light as well as the battery. It’s better if the spotlight has a USB port.

For driving, boating, fishing, especially off-shore fishing, and rainy season along with winter when there will be rain or snow around, definitely bring the best spotlight you can. 5,000 lumens plus? Yes, for sure. In those situations, you will need the light. As they say, the more, the merrier and the safer. Battery backup is arguably more important than brightness. And if possible, bring backup light or at least a set of backup batteries.

2. Bulb type:

Of the three available bulb types, always go with the LED bulb. There’s not much argument about it. Incandescent light burns the power way too fast, and CFL and fluorescent are quirky on top of having a relatively lower life span.

LED is the reigning supreme of the bulb type and is the one you should go for.

3. IP rating:

When buying a spotlight, always check the IP rating if possible. The standard format is “IPXX” where the Xs will be replaced with numbers. The first number represents dust resistance, and the latter shows water resistance.

The higher the number is, the better protected it is.

IPX4, IPX5, and IPX6 and generally rain and snow resistant and will be alright in these conditions but will be damaged if submerged in water.

IPX7, IPX8, and IPX9 are submersible and will work underwater with various depth and time limits. Again, the more, the merrier.

4. Range and spread:

Most modern spotlights either have enough light spread or a supportive floodlight functionality, but not all do. So, before buying, check and make sure that yours does.

Almost all the spotlights come with a decent range, but obviously, some have higher values than others. It’s the spread/floodlight that varies drastically. Spread is a nice convenience to have, and having this will save you from carrying an extra light.

A key point is if you are expecting to face rain, fog, snow, or other obstacles, be sure to get a spotlight with a higher range, preferably over 3,000 feet. They will serve you better even in obstacles and can differentiate between getting lost and barely getting back.

5. Handle:

There are three main types of handles for spotlights: under-grip lights, pistol grip lights, and lights with stands. The pistol grip lights are the most popular of them all. That’s because the pistol grip handle provides some benefits that outweigh the benefits of the other types. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Carrying the light is comfortable
  2. It’s the fastest method to target and aim the light
  3. Aiming is relatively quicker and more accurate
  4. Less stressful on muscle for short but frequent using sessions


So, if you don’t have preferences, it is recommended to go with a pistol grip light.

6. Battery type and run time:

Run time means how long the device will work before the battery depletes from a full charge. Obviously, you should get the one with the higher run time, especially if you are going away from home or expecting the light to work on longer sessions.

As for the battery type, the market is almost flooded with rechargeable battery spotlights, and 9 out of 10 times, you should go for it. But there are a few specific situations when a disposable battery is preferable.

Having a disposable battery means you can change the battery on the go. This way, you can carry extra batteries freeing you from the handicap of limited run time.

To read the complete buying guide click here


A spotlight is an essential tool for most outdoor activities. Spotlight provides higher brightness and longer run time than most other handheld light sources. Both of them are important for camping, traveling, fishing, boating, and many other adventures.

All the spotlights have their advantages and disadvantages, so there are numerous things to look out for and options to choose from.

If you are still not sure, we highly recommend going for the DEWALT DCL043 or the Streamlight waypoint spotlight. They both have decent brightness, range, and battery backup that should cover you most of the time.

That’s pretty much it for this guide. We tried to go through as much as we could, but it’s impossible to cover everything in one article. Read our other guides, tips, and tricks for more, and if you have anything specific to ask, let us know in the comment sections or reach out to us via emails.

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